Goodbells - Took order for out of stock item after confirming on chat


Took order for out of stock item and did not bother to inform that item is not in stock.They do not reply to e-mails and generally behave as though you never placed an order with them.After chasing them on phone and chat finally said that it is not in stock after 17 days of order placement.

Thereafter again after being forced to cancel order, said that refund is initiated but was actually lying as refund did not show up for another ten days. After further pressure was put finally refunded the money.

No integrity and definitely scamsters.Stay away.

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Goodbells - Not received the product which was ordered

Bangalore, Karnataka 0 comments

I placed an order or sherwani on two months ago.Firstly I received the delivery after 9 days and moreover when I saw the product, it was different from the one I ordered.

When I approached company regarding this they refused to accept this thing. It was really disappointing for me. On suggestion of my friend I came across I was pleased to know about this company.

I ordered one lehenga style saree for my sister and they quickly delivered me and the product was even much better than was visible on their website.I would highly recommend this website to people.

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Goodbells - Avoid this website at all costs

Houston, Texas 1 comment
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I ordered two outfits in early summer and provided instructions and measurements. The outfits arrived three months later (MUCH later than indicated) and one was somewhat okay but I had to alter it myself. The second was so poorly stitched it looked like a 5 year old out it together and the material was quite cheap. Even Walmart sells better fabric. I asked for a refund and sent them pictures of their horrible handiwork and they said they would exchange for another outfit.

I selected another one, and it took them a month to tell me they don't have it. So I selected another one and asked them to address the measurement issues of the first dress. I received the dress another 3 months later and it was horribly stitched once again. I emailed them and told them that I'm very unhappy and just want to return it. They want pictures and don't want me to return it. This tells me I'm stuck with this dress I can't even sell because the fabric is worthless and nobody will fit into this stitching.

Avoid this place at all costs. There are much better Indian clothing designers that are just as affordable and their quality is far superior.

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Delhi, Delhi, India #826127

is it posted by any of their competitor?

Goodbells - Never refunded for $200+ worth of returned merchandise (authorized)

New York City, New York 0 comments
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I ordered a dressy kurta pajama set from Goodbells (formerly in July. I included my measurements in order to have the perfect fit. I shocked and appalled when I received the item. It was nothing like the beautiful item pictured, but clearly an imitation.

The fabrics used were cheap synthetic blends, the patterns were different, the stitching was off; in other words, it was a poorly made knockoff with only passing resemblance to the product shown. Moreover, the garment was incorrectly sized and too large. I immediately e-mailed them in less than 24 hours with my complaints, including the pictures I had taken providing clear photographic evidence. Gaurav Pandey approved the return and told me he would perform the necessary alterations so it would fit correctly and be to my liking.

I shipped back the kurta at my own expense ($33.50) on August 27. RajasthaniStore claimed they never received my package for weeks, so I made a formal inquiry with the US Postal Department and tracked the package down. I scanned a copy of this letter and they could no longer deny the parcel was in India in November of that year.

I was told the necessary alterations were being made, but that the final product was still not going to be like what was pictured due to limitations in their alteration abilities. I had instructed them not to send me the package without my prior approval so I could make sure everything was to my liking. I did not hear from them in weeks and the event that I had ordered the outfit for had passed, so I requested a full refund.

In January, while I was away on vacation and away from my e-mail, they suddenly contacted me and said I had 3 hours to respond or they would reship the package (keep in mind our time zones are 10hrs apart). As I was away, I could neither respond to the e-mail NOR receive the parcel when it arrived and so the package was returned to the sender in India. After five more months of arguing over e-mail and dealing with four different people, they offered to reimburse me for a mere 34% of what I paid. They subtracted a 10% restocking fee ($15), $20 fee for alteration (which was to be at their expense as it was their mistake), and the "import charges" of $79 for the SECOND return shipping back to India because I could not accept the parcel.

The only reason I felt confident placing an order was their heavily advertised "Easiest Return Policy - Free Return, Free Pickup" which they DID NOT HONOR. Instead I had a horrible experience which lasted 9 months and did not receive a penny back. All in all, I am owed $217.12 for the returned merchandise, of which I have not received a single cent.

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